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The use of small drones has proliferated over recent years, whilst regulatory control over their use has lagged. This has led to a need for organisations responsible for the control of sensitive and high risk areas to monitor and where necessary, intervene in the entrance of drones in these airspaces.

Drones can collide with people and aircrafts which could result in a crash

On top of these specific risks, it is important to note that:

  • Drones are flown remotely from up to several kilometers away
  • Light drones are very affordable (entry price around $200)
  • Light drones are naturally stealth (with movement signatures similar to birds) and very agile
  • The number of drones in circulation is skyrocketing (roughly 20 drones per aircraft in circulation today, and 50 drones per aircraft estimated by 2025)

Drones can attack sensitive areas by dropping

  • Explosive charges
  • Chemical products
  • Radioactive substances


HOLOGARDE integrates 3 principal technologies for increased protection and accuracy.



A pioneering 3D innovative radar, with the proven ability to detect and track small drones up to 5 km.
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Able to detect the protocol of data exchange between the drone and the remote-pilot.
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Rounded square with circles for lenses

Long Range PTZ Camera

Long-range HD infrared cameras use the geographical coordinates directly fed from the radar to target the mobile, and zoom at long distance in order to identify and provide visual confirmation of drones.
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Computer screen with Hologarde icon in the middle

HOLOGARDE Command Control Center

These 3 accurate and proven technologies are connected to a Command Control Center (CCC).

An integrated interface customizable for different users: air traffic control, airport authority, security, management teams, etc.

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Part of the mandate of our Innovation Hub at Groupe ADP has been to focus on the use of cases and experimentation of drones within complex environments, like airports. HOLOGARDE positions us at the forefront of global innovation in the matter of dronautics, by combining the expertise of Groupe ADP and the French Civil Aviation with the agility of our start-up partners, in a sector estimated to be worth several millions of euros.

Edward Arkwright

Deputy CEO – Development, Engineering and Transformation, Groupe ADP

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